Day: October 13, 2014

Home Maintenance

Hassle Free Removals

Most times in the business of removals, the move happens seamlessly. The biggest hassle in the whole job is packing up everything from your current address and then unpacking it all at the new place. The worst thing that can happen in a removalist job is some of your belongings get damaged in the move from point A to point B.

Nobody wants to think about their antique table or leather lounge suite getting scuffed or damaged when moving, or having that Queen Anne teapot smashed into little bits. But, the reality is that these things happening are a real possibility and need to be taken into consideration before you move. It’s a matter of making the right arrangements to be covered.

Planning a Safe Move

How can you, rather than the removalist, make specific arrangements in which your belongings make it to the new place in one piece? Here’s a few things to consider and precautions you can take in your planning:


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