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Fire Protection Systems
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Best Environmentally Friendly Fire Protection Systems

Environmentally friendly fire protection is a major consideration for businesses throughout the world. If you own a business that is large enough to require an inbuilt fire suppression system – using either sprinklers or some sort of inert gas – you should consider your options carefully with respect to their environmental impacts.

Different fire suppression systems have very different potential environmental impacts. Some are based on harmful or toxic chemicals that are extremely polluting and harmful for the atmosphere. Others use excessive amounts of water that simply aren’t necessary. With this in mind, here are a few of the best environmentally fire protection systems on the market:

Systems Using Inert Gases

Gaseous fire suppression systems are becoming more and more popular in Australia and throughout the world. They work by starving a fire of the oxygen that it needs to burn, essentially causing it to go out due to a lack of fuel.

There are plenty of different inert-gas based fire suppression systems out there. However, you need to be very careful which ones you choose. Some contain harmful gases that can contribute to global warming. Others are damaging to the ozone layer. Look for a system that uses a harmless gas with no negative environmental impacts such as ozone.


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