Top Kitchen Trends

Top Kitchen Trends
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Top Kitchen Trends

Renovating kitchens is an exciting undertaking, but it can also be incredibly stressful. You want your kitchen to suit today’s trends, but you also want it to suit the trends of years ahead. After all, no one wants to be carrying out kitchen renovations more often than they need to.

Introducing Curves

In decades past, curves were a common theme throughout most homes. If you didn’t see them in a kitchen, you would more than likely see them in a living room or even a bathroom. However, they have come back – and in a big way.

Rather than opt for rectangular island bars for extra bench and dining space, homeowners are choosing to add a curved end. The slight curvature allows for even more bench space as well as an exciting aesthetic appeal.

Natural Colours and Materials

Homeowners went through a phase of opting for contrasting blacks and whites. While those colours remain popular today, there is now room in the market for a new theme: natural.

Raw and matte finishes are becoming increasingly sought-after, with homeowners introducing greens, greys, and other earthy hues. They then pair them with wooden floors, nature-themed pendant lighting, and cabinetry with subtle colouring.


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