How Landscapers Can Ask For Referrals Correctly Without Irritating Clients

How Landscapers Can Ask For Referrals Correctly Without Irritating Clients

There are many ways in which landscaping companies can promote and market themselves. The number of ways has accelerated enormously over the past couple of decades with the internet playing an ever-increasing role in our lives, especially in the world of e-commerce and business.

However, there is one way in which businesses, including landscapers, can promote their products and services which has been around for as long as people have traded, and that is via referrals. The beauty of this is it can be brought into the 21st century by seeking referrals through the use of online strategies as well as good old-fashioned word of mouth.

The value of referrals for landscaping businesses cannot be underestimated. No matter how much you spend on advertising and marketing, whether that is offline or online, none of it can have the same impact as one of your satisfied clients telling someone they know who is looking for a landscaper to call you.

It is part of our human psychology that we will more readily take action that we are encouraged to by someone we know and trust than we will ever do simply by seeing an advertisement or blog post online, for example. That is not to dismiss these and other digital marketing strategies, as they all work. However, if you manage or own a landscaping business you must also include strategies for getting referrals if you want to maximise the number of enquiries you receive.

To help you create and implement your referral strategy, we have outlined a few of the best tactics to use to both increase the number of referrals your landscaping business receives and to ensure that those referrals are inclined to ask you to take care of their landscaping requirements.


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