Planting Tips Around Your Pool And Lawns

Planting Tips

Sprucing up your poolside and lawn with an aesthetic garden that blends into the landscape can be a visual treat and is a popular garden and is in the top pool trends of 2019. However you need to have a good maintenance routine for the different foliage. If you want your poolside garden and lawn to provide a pleasant and natural ambience you will need careful planning not only for design and architecture but also the know-how on the type of plants best suited for your location.

When you’re in Australia, a landscape design professional will tell you that having a garden surrounding a pool or grown on your lawn can be challenging. Here are some helpful plantation tips for poolside gardens and lawns.

Planning a poolside garden

  • A good poolside garden requires planning. Identify area for your plantation. Chalk out a map of the entire area where a suitable perimeter should be left vacant as a walk way around the pool. Fence in the area of your garden with good quality fencing that does not obstruct the visual appeal.
  • Large trees should not be planted on one particular side of the pool as this would block out the sun. But if required as per your needs you could do this precisely to provide a shaded area for your pool. The location where your garden will feature the most foliage should be restricted to a place least likely to be frequented by human traffic.
  • Ensure that your garden terrain is structured at slop away from the pool area. This prevents muddy water draining into your pool. A good way to prevent such a problem and lend a natural ambience to your poolside is to have rock border placed alongside the garden.
  • When defining the border of your garden, it should be at least 6 meters away from the edge of the pool to prevent water being splashed continuously on plants. Alternately, this is also to prevent plant debris from falling into the pool.
  • Being a poolside garden, there will be water splashed somehow onto plants, thus when choosing your flora and various trees, those that prefer dry arid conditions should be avoided. Since your living in Australia you should choose plants suitable to Australian conditions.
  • The ideal trees to grow alongside a pool are palm. Palms are very durable trees and do well near water bodies in dry conditions. The roots of palms are relatively small and hence doing not require large areas of soil..

Gardens and foliage for lawns

  • If you want a beautiful garden growing on your lawn you need to fertilize the soil effectively for growing strong healthy plants. Either purchase some fertilizer pellets for plants in containers or build a compost pit for regular use.
  • Choose a suitable but ice turf such as ornamental grass and leafy hedges as borders between various ranges of plants. Bordering with stone edges are even convenient for maintenance. Red coleus is a great choice for a hedge surrounding your lawn.
  • Be artistic in your landscape design. There are various ways of playing around with designs. Choose the right kind of foliage and lace them in the best locations that can create a natural and relaxing ambience in your garden.
  • Plants like Banksia Ashbyi, aniseed myrtle, Lantana, Azaleas, lavenders and roses are great choices to grow in an Australian garden. The smaller plants should ideally be kept in containers to protect them from weeds.