What Types Of Pool Fences Are Available And How Do I Choose One?

Types Of Pool Fences

Swimming pool fences come in various shapes and sizes, making choosing the right one for your home difficult. Modern glass fences has become increasingly popular in recent times, but other styles remain common.

With this in mind, we will outline the main styles of pool fencing, the benefits and disadvantages of each and a few things we think you should know before you choose a style for your home. The main types of pool fencing on the market today include:

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing is a desirable option that is becoming common throughout Australia. Frameless glass fences are usually made from rigid glass panels, secured at the bottom with shiny silver stainless steel fixtures. Although they don’t always look solid, frameless glass fences are just as secure as other styles when they’re built right.

Frameless glass is an attractive option if your swimming pool and outdoor entertaining areas are separate. It lets you see between the two regions, making summer entertaining easier. It is also relatively low maintenance and very easy to clean.

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi-frameless glass fencing has a modular look. It is usually made from glass panels separated by and attached to uprights made from stainless steel or some other durable material. Semi-frameless fences certainly look a lot stronger, which could give you peace of mind if you have young children or pets running around all the time.

Semi-frameless glass fences have the same pros and cons as frameless ones. However, they are usually a little harder to keep clean and shiny. The larger uprights between the glass panels can become dirty or corroded if they aren’t looked after, so regular cleaning and treatment are necessary.

Tubular Aluminium Pool Fencing

Traditionally, pool fences have been made out of tubular aluminium or steel. Tubular metal pool fences are cheap, rugged and relatively low maintenance, which means they’re the perfect option for the average family who can’t afford more expensive fence styles.

Most tubular fences are available in a wide range of colours, so you should be able to find one that suits your yard. They can also be easily customised, allowing you to modify your design to conform to the rest of your outdoor space.

The most attractive feature of tubular fences is their adamant and low maintenance. They are usually powder coated, ensuring UV and weather resistance. They are also very good at hiding dirt if you choose a dark colour.

Final Word

Pool fencing comes in a wide range of styles. Frameless glass, semi-frameless glass and tubular metal fences are among the most common in Australia, but they are not your only options. If your wall meets the relevant Australian safety standards, it can be made from anything you want. Speak to your local swimming pool fencing expert for more information!