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How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Getting your pool ready for summer early is a good idea as there are often some hot days in early spring when everyone would enjoy a cool dip. If you have one of the automatic pool cleaners that are available these days, preparing your pool for the swimming season will be much easier. It will also help if you’ve winterised your pool with a cover to keep out debris.

Here are some tips to getting your pool ready for the fun and games of summer

  • If your pool was covered with a pool blanket for the winter, you’ll notice there is quite a lot of debris on top of it. Remove this before disturbing the blanket so it doesn’t all fall into the water. Use a soft-bristle, long handled broom and sweep from the middle to the side on both long sides. You’ll then be able to sweep the debris into a pile close to the side so it can be gathered up with a dustpan and brush.
  • If water has evaporated, bring it to normal operating level, which is about the middle of the skimmer mouth.
  • Add some algaecide or clarifier


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