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A Simple Website Design Guide For Landscaping Companies
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A Simple Website Design Guide For Landscaping Companies

Given that creating landscape designs is a large part of the work that landscaping businesses do, then we think that they more than most businesses will appreciate the need for top-class website design. Whilst landscape design and website design are two completely different skills, the fact that both need to be completed to the satisfaction of clients, is one common factor at least.

As for the website design that a landscaping business has, such as, it certainly plays a huge role in how well that website converts visitors to prospects who contact the business for more information or to hopefully request a landscape design quotation. Website design also has a significant influence on how well websites rank in search engines such as Google. Good rankings can mean a flood of more traffic, and low rankings mean just a trickle.

So, with good web design having such an impact on how your landscaping business might perform based on its effect on visitors and the amount of traffic it receives, we thought would be useful to highlight some web design basics so that you and other landscapers reading this who feel their website is not ticking all the boxes have some avenues to pursue, especially if you ask a web design agency to revamp your website.


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