Year: 2014

Home Maintenance

Hassle Free Removals

Most times in the business of removals, the move happens seamlessly. The biggest hassle in the whole job is packing up everything from your current address and then unpacking it all at the new place. The worst thing that can happen in a removalist job is some of your belongings get damaged in the move from point A to point B.

Nobody wants to think about their antique table or leather lounge suite getting scuffed or damaged when moving, or having that Queen Anne teapot smashed into little bits. But, the reality is that these things happening are a real possibility and need to be taken into consideration before you move. It’s a matter of making the right arrangements to be covered.

Planning a Safe Move

How can you, rather than the removalist, make specific arrangements in which your belongings make it to the new place in one piece? Here’s a few things to consider and precautions you can take in your planning:

  • The Moving Company

This is a no-brainer, but not all moving companies are equal. Choose the right one. With online searches you can find out everything you need to know about a moving company – customer reviews, how long they have been in business, and their reputation. A good furniture removal company, such as Melbourne Removalists, will be expert in helping families and businesses to move, hassle free, and have many satisfied customers. They will have qualified, experienced, honest, courteous and reliable staff. It’s their job to look after your belongings and make sure that it all arrives at the new address in the same condition it left the old address.


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Ashe County Farmer’s Market

Come by and see us at the Ashe County Farmer’s Market!

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Chris and Jeanne

Ryan is a pleasure to work with and he has a positive personality and a can-do attitude! We have been extremely pleased with the extensive work he has done with our landscaping. He designed and completed a new garden bed, which has enhanced our property’s appearance and value. All the way through the project, he consulted with us on the plantings, design, and cost.

Additionally, he created a trellis for our raspberry bushes, which blends in with our forest setting. We look forward to his continued work for us, including our plans for a hard-scape patio in the near future! We highly recommend Ryan for any landscaping project!

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Randy Kubik

Crowning Touch Landscaping did the landscaping for my house in Fleetwood, NC. They completely re-terraced my side yard, fenced the entire area and built a fire pit. This area was so impressive that we held our wedding ceremony there in July (2010). It is a fantastic area and I never miss the opportunity to sit there and have a cup of coffee and enjoy the view and my dogs. We were so impressed with the work that we had them build our entry walkway and another fire pit in the front yard. This is my wife’s favorite place to sit and watch the sunsets.

I am currently using Crowning Touch to terrace the driveway. They have exceeded all expectations on every job they have done for us. The owner, Ryan Shaw, is trustworthy and a joy to work with. I recommend them for anyone’s landscaping needs.

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Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Living

Flexible Working : Indoors & Outdoors

When you work as a sole trader, you can be anywhere that is comfortable.  Creating an outdoor space and taking a backlit laptop or notebook outside to work allows you to experience the fresh air and sunshine instead of being cooped up in the house or office all day.  These days there are many different styles of outdoor furniture that are comfortable and convenient.  Your outside office chair can be made of wicker, rattan or boat wood from Indonesia or Bali.

Many people start their own small business from their homes – sometimes even using a corner of the dining room table for their office until they get the business going. Often they are happy to stay small, but in other the business increases beyond their wildest dreams and before they know it they’ve had to employ staff and move to a larger office.

However, there are many benefits to remaining a sole trader who doesn’t employ staff.  It suits some people to continue to work alone from their home and use the internet as a way of contacting their clients.  A big benefit is that you can organise your work schedule around your life and can be at home to care for children, or for when the children come home from school.


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