Create Your Own Mystical Garden Today

Mystical Garden

Designing a new garden or outdoor living area can be an extremely interesting and rewarding process. If you want your own mystical, fairytale garden, then there are a few basic things that you can do. If you are unsure about anything in the following article, then consider consulting experienced landscape architects to help you design your perfect mystical garden.

When it comes to creating an outdoor space with a magical feel, there are a few things that you can do. Ideally, you want to avoid too much synthetic material, and focus on natural beauty. Consider including the following things in your design to create the perfect mystical garden today:

Waterfalls and other water features:

When it comes to creating a mystical feel about an area, waterfalls are a great choice. Try and install a simple waterfall over natural rocks. If possible, plant mosses and ferns around the area, and try and include a small stream that produces the quiet sound of flowing waters.

Ferns, mosses, and other forest plants:

If you really want to go all out and create a magical area, with a colourful landscape design, then you should think about planting a small forest space. Obviously, this will be easier if you already have some large trees in the area, but if not then you can choose quick growing species that will be tall and dominating before too long.

As well as trees, you will also want to plant some ferns and small shrubs. Try and work them around your waterfall or stream, and encourage moss and lichens to grow on any rocks or other hard structures in the area.


When it comes to creating a mystical, magical area in your backyard, lighting is extremely important. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the importance of lighting when designing their gardens, and therefore miss out on the benefits.

When used right, different coloured, shaped, and sized lights can be installed in different areas of your garden to encourage certain feelings. Try and use cool, dim lights that can be adjusted as needed, as these should help enhance the mystical mood.

Use ornaments and statues:

Small garden ornaments and statues of mythical creatures can also help to create a magical, outlandish feeling in your garden. Consider things like gnomes, fairies and other magical creatures. Try and make them appear realistic, and work them in with the other aspects of your garden.

Final word:

Obviously, everyone will have different preferences and ideas when it comes to designing the perfect mystical garden for their backyard. However, there are a lot of things that you can do to enhance the mood and feeling in your garden. If you are having trouble with your landscape design, or simply need some advice, then speak to your local landscaping expert.