5 Benefits Of Using Limestone Blocks For Your Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

Limestone blocks are one of the most versatile building materials out there. They can be used for everything from retaining walls and fences to stairs and garden beds, and they look great as well. They are also strong and affordable, making them perfect for people who have a tight budget.

One of the most popular uses of limestone blocks is to build strong, durable retaining walls. There are many benefits associated with building retaining walls using limestone blocks. Some of these include:

  1. Limestone Retaining Walls Look Great!

If you’re building retaining walls near your house or in a prominent position, you need them to look good. Limestone is an attractive building material, and retaining walls made with limestone blocks usually look great! Customise the exact style of your wall by choosing the size and type of limestone block you want to use (reconstituted or naturally quarried).

  1. Limestone Retaining Walls Are Easy To Build

If you’re on a bit of tight budget you might want to build your retaining walls by yourself. Limestone blocks let you do this. Although some of the larger sized blocks can weight hundreds of kilograms and need machinery to move, smaller blocks can be manipulated by hand. This makes it very easy to build a basic retaining wall out of limestone blocks.

  1. Limestone Is Strong And Durable

Although not the hardest wearing material under certain conditions, retaining walls made out of limestone blocks will last for a long time. If you use large blocks and make sure that your walls are built well, the chances are that they will well and truly outlive you and your house.

  1. Limestone Walls Need Little Maintenance

One of the major appeals of limestone is that it needs little to no maintenance. Unlike things like wood (which can be affected by termites or rot) and metal (which can rust or corrode), limestone is tough and hard wearing. The only time that you will need to work on your limestone retaining wall is if you notice that it’s starting to crumble or crack – which shouldn’t happen.

  1. Limestone Is Affordable

Many people building their first home are on a very tight budget. Limestone is very affordable and cost effective when compared to a range of other building materials, which means that it’s an attractive option for a lot of people who are building or renovating on a tight budget.

Final Word

Limestone is versatile, durable, aesthetically pleasing and very affordable. If you’re thinking about building a new retaining wall, then you should consider using limestone blocks. Speak to your local supplier if you’d like to find out more about building limestone block retaining walls.