Day: June 23, 2017

Home Design

The Qualities of a Good Cabinet Maker

We are all DIY Tradespeople – in our own minds. But when you are sawing, drilling and planing your latest renovation project, have you ever wondered how a person becomes a good cabinet maker? It’s a timeless craft trade and these days, not so common.

If I were a Carpenter…

A cabinet maker specialises in the making of fine pieces of furniture, be they tables, chairs, shelving or cupboards. Their work is a level above that of a carpenter, albeit they can do carpentry work. If you were to look at some way to differentiate between the two, then maybe you can say a cabinet maker is an artisan carpenter. The work they do and how they do it contains a number of factors.

1) Precision. A desire for minute detail and precision in the making of the pieces results in a quality product. They have a standard to which they must adhere to ensure the quality of their work.

2) Attention to Detail. This is pretty much like precision,  although this aspect refers to their overall view of a project to make sure that everything they make will fit together perfectly on completion. A great crafts person will not skip parts of the work or overlook the smallest detail so as the work can be finished quickly.

3) Commitment. A cabinet maker is always committed to produce excellent work. This requires dedication, an artistic eye, and high work ethic.


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