Healthy Plumbing

Healthy Plumbing

One should never take plumbing for granted. How quickly can you get hold of an emergency plumber? And how important is that? A blocked drain or toilet shows little mercy on your misery, so an available plumber is rather important. q

What can a plumber do for you?

  • Drains, traps and vents.
  • Septic systems
  • Potable Water and Water heating

Traps, drains, and vents

  • A trap is something hidden under the sink and is ‘U’ or ‘S’ or ‘J’ shaped pipe. The bend in the pipe stops sewer gases from coming back into the building.
  • Drains are somewhere into which water can run. Everybody has drains – homes, buildings, manufacturing and agriculture. Drainage prevents flooding. Blocked drains can cost a lot of money in damages to a building or an area.
  • A plumbing vent is a pipe that runs from a fixture to the outdoors, usually through the roof. They provide a place for sewer gases to vent, and for oxygen to get in.

These simple plumbing fixtures are important. Without them, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to maintain clean water. When we bathe, drink, wash and clean, we produce waste water. Separation of the waste water and the clean water is necessary otherwise we have health issues. You have little to worry about if you have a good plumbing system.

Plumbers are there to make sure all these traps, drains and vents are functioning as they should.

Septics and Pipes

Developed countries have pro-active and well-trained plumbing services to ensure we have clean water and to manage waste correctly.

  • Think of a city or a building as a body. They all contain pipes. The pipes are the blood vessels of the structure. If dirty water mixes with clean water, you can get diseases. Many deadly diseases are carried by water. If anything goes wrong with the pipes and systems in our homes or in buildings, call an emergency plumber to fix the problem.
  • Septic systems manage waste and some systems treat or process that waste for re-use back into the environment. Septic tanks are not all that common in developed cities but are still used in rural or undeveloped areas. These tanks need periodic emptying by licensed waste removal companies.

Your water supplies

Potable water is what comes out of your tap and you can drink from a glass. To get the cleanest water possible, master plumbers can install filters, pumps and water purifiers.

There are many chemicals in our drinking water. Plumbers working with your water pipes can make sure you get the cleanest possible drinking water. Regardless of the popularity of DIY shows and everybody now thinking they are super handymen, you should always leave most plumbing jobs to a professional. Messing about with pipes and systems can sometimes cause even more problems for the plumber and that means costing you more money.